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>>>/qresearch/8638875, >>>/qresearch/8638939 Pew Research Center Survey: 23% of Americans have heard of Qanon

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QAnon’s conspiracy theories have seeped into U.S. politics, but most don’t know what it is

Pew Research Center


While much attention has been paid to online platforms that have become vehicles for misinformation and campaigns to sow division, the collection of connected conspiracy theories known as QAnon represents a different phenomenon. QAnon originated on internet chat boards, and its message has spread into the offline world, where its adherents surface at political and other rallies or are moved to actions that result in real-life incidents.Most Americans say they've heard nothing at all about QAnon

The conspiracy theories center around the idea of a “deep state” in which anti-American elements in the government, industry, media and other institutions are involved in activities including bringing down President Donald Trump. Also featured are allegations that prominent political figures and others participated in a global pedophile ring.

But despite QAnon’s spread, about three-quarters of U.S. adults (76%) say they have heard or read nothing at all about it, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February and March. Around a quarter (23%) say they have heard or read a lot or a little, with 3% saying they’ve heard or read a lot. The data was gathered as part of the Center’s Election News Pathways project…..

23%: This means that 80 million Americans HAVE heard of Q!