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I was watching the 2012 documentary "More Than Honey" about the bee industry. It explained why bee populations are in decline, in short due to human stupidity. The bees used by Big Agra in the American West are no longer able to survive on their own.

But then near the end of the film it mentioned that "Africanized" bees have moved in to the American Southwest. The have been called "Killer" bees because they are very aggressive. But they are also very resilient and adaptable, being able to thrive in almost any environment and produce good honey. They are actually compensating for the bee apocalypse created by humans. They originally escaped from a laboratory in Sao Paulo Brazil where they were first bred.

I realized that these bees have something in combination with the Corona virus. I believe that the virus was engineered by humans to be a "killer" virus and it was either accidentally or deliberately released in to the wild. But there is reason to believe that since then it has mutated to become less lethal and maybe even beneficial in a sense.

Humanity has been insanely careening toward catastrophe for my whole lifetime. It has been hard to watch. Nothing short of a crisis would have disrupted its complacency and forced a pause to reassess its direction. When I think about it, the version of the virus that we have might be the least harmful that could still accomplish this.

Intuitively, I feel that even though the virus was bred by humans once it entered the planetary consciousness grid it was altered in a way that provides the greatest benefit, given that a global reset had become necessary. Likewise, the killer bees may have been altered to provide a necessary but not overly destructive compensation for human stupidity.

I also sense that if humanity does not take this opportunity to change its course, a more severe crisis will appear. If humanity repeatedly fails to learn, eventually the planet will expunge them to save the biosphere.

The Great Awakening is not an option but a necessity if humans are to survive.

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>It explained why bee populations are in decline, in short due to human stupidity.

Not just human stupidity. Development and release of neonicotinoid pesticides and other "big ag" chemicals has been centrally coordinated.

From pages 12-13 of the attached PDF:

>The "Changes of Climate" entailing the destruction of the harvests; the bankruptcy in these conditions, farmlands; the denaturation, by artificial means of foodstuffs of regular consumption; the poisoning of the nature by an exaggerated and mindless exploitation, and the massive use of chemicals in the agriculture. All this, Brothers, will lead to the ruin assured by the food industries of Nation States.

Serge Monast only lived for about a year and a half after releasing this document, because "heart attacks can be deadly".


>The Great Awakening is not an option but a necessity if humans are to survive.

Yes, otherwise [they] would have killed most of us and enslave the rest. I think Q had to wait until the final stages of many of their plans, and use their strongest strikes against them.