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Tips for notables

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Ten tips for notables

from just one baker, opinions may vary.


1. Maintain a separate Notepad++ file for notables (don't insert directly in the pastebin file).

Enables you to note missing sauce, put in "iffy" notes at the end (waiting for a nom), etc.

2. Post about four times during the bread, (early, middle, last call, final).

Don't stick anything iffy in at the last moment, make sure anons can vet it first.

3. Make notables easy to find with RED TEXT and BOLD.

Especially important if you may have to ghost--next baker needs heavy formatting to locate important info like notes.

4. Link notes to dough post if you have to ghost.

Same reason as above.


4. Look for anon noms, they are usually notable.

"Usually" because shills nom too. So do trolls, for fun. If not sure, either ask for a 2nd nom or say what's missing (often a description).''

5. Look for special reports: planefags, boatfags, Resignations in the News, etc.

Anons seldom nom these, except for RA's stuff if they don't see it in Notes.

6. For noms wo/a description, ask for one.

These are usually anon diagrams, analyses & Q proofs. Hard to evaluate much less write a description. It's the responsibility of the poster or nom-mer to provide one.

7. If there is too much news & bred is fast...

...focus mainly on nommed posts, breaking news (if verified), news re Q concerns (CP, etc.).

8. Check for two things: dates and whether it's been notabled (qresear.ch).

Easy during slow breads, hard during fast ones. Dates take priority. But if you forget, anons or shills will always let you know.

9. Try to thank anons who go above and beyond...

...by including descriptions/titles with noms, looking up sauce for baker, etc. Don't be afraid to talk to anons or ask for feedback.

10. During Q breds, notables are low priority. As soon as you know, search on "Q !!" to find posts, get to the bottom of the bread, and bake really early.

Keep your eye open for baker caps and fully-formatted Q posts w/caps.

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>if you can find it, would be a nice add.

>Also, to bring to baking class tomorrow, nb plans to focus on notables.

What was found digging so far needs collated into a modern single sauce, then backed up in pastebin/memes.

Posting now because may not have time to collate today before class in case you want to use it as a topic.

Be good to have multiple points of view on it since some are more likely to call a notable than others.

lusSA7rcjxV.jpg is one of my posts earlier on /qr/ another anon responded with peVmtvMIx4.jpg