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Yamiche Alcindor diggs

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>btw, who does this bitch work for? And what's her name?

Yamiche Alcindor MSDNC


>any idea where to download windows movie maker (reputable source, not malware)?

Web Archive on Wayback of the file...Windows Live Essentials 2012 (downloaded and AV scanned)


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Thanks for the name. Apparently she is a White House correspondent for PBS, and contributes as a commentator for MSDNC. Which explains the bias of her questions.

On a related side note, it really speaks to the toxicity of Acosta, that POTUS calls on her and others, who are clearly out to get him, often and without hesitation, because in spite of this fact, they still conduct themselves with a modicum of decorum.


>But there's some question about that name Yamiche Alcindor

I'm sort of a sports ball aficionado, and the name made me think instantly of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. His name, pre islamic conversion, was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor. According to her there is no relation.