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Vid editing discussion

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>>41871 (lb)

>i've got vegas but too busy baking to sit down and do the knock-down-drag-out learn a new program thing.

That looks like a sweet program for doing lots of fancy work

>two things would be good:

>1. learning to compress a file to under 15mb (right now, i just make the screen quite small but can't do that when videoing a bake, for example). could make it smaller afterwards, tho.

Handbrake does a decent job (50-75% reduction in files size depending), usually try ~720p, if we could upload .mkv could be even smaller.

Still using Winblows due to a few apps I have that can't be quickly replaced.

May transition a second machine to linux and juggle things about.

Open source software is generally what I use.

>2. learning to do text overlays on video. pretty simple, considering the complexity of video editing. but only once you know how! would dramatically improve the quality of the vids produced for baking class. may be too ambitious for now but of interest if possible.

Can do text overlay, but don't have anything nearly as fancy as Vegas.

I could do the text addition and tweaking if you had time to describe what you are looking for in detail...might be faster than doing it yourself.

Can use one of the videos you made to show an example if interested.

Did training videos for software company several years back.

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Appreciate your feedback.

The reason i got vegas is coz -- somewhere in my files -- i've got some info from an anon on using Vegas to compress files. but can't locate it now, got a little busy and lost track of some things.

Simpler program would probably be better, but i didn't know what to get. two of us are doing videos, the other baker is using Bandicam but looks like it does not support textual overlays. i did the video screenshot of my last bake using snagit--basic but it works.

have also create a lot of instructional materials, just not vids. I would be an impossible "client" bc the way i develop materials is to keep refining everything based on ongoing feedback and insights. Ideally, there would be an app where it's easy to do file reduction and overlays--and which has decent YT tutorials on both.

Does that product exist?

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>Does that product exist?

Unless you have Windows 7-8 or 10 without updating the Windows Movie Maker I've not found a simple one stop program for your requirements.

If you can spin up a VM with Windows 7 Pro it will have the software I think, later it was in Windows Essentials. For adding text it is the simplest I have found.

After the editing I just run the file through Handbrake for compression.

>I would be an impossible "client" bc the way i develop materials is to keep refining everything based on ongoing feedback

Kek like those people that have an idea for a meme...ends up being the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Sorry under 5 minutes for a meme is the goal. Kek

5.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Say_It_Kung_Flu_5_5.mp4
Click to try to load this file from 8kun servers, if it still exists there!

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Here is an example of one I made today in Windows Movie Maker.

It was 27.7 meg before Handbrake which made it 5.29 meg, without quality loss.

Plus the Kek of POTUS making her say Kung Flu 4x plus his one.

Is it offensive...well if it was it ain't now.

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You bet.

You catch the link to Windows Movie Maker?


Web Archive on Wayback of the file...Windows Live Essentials 2012 (downloaded and AV scanned)