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QAnon debate between Ultim8booN & Hotwheels (faggot Freddrick Brennan) & Questions needed addressed

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First Qanon Debate – 03/28/20 – Ultim8booN vs Hotwheels

History is set to be made as the first QAnon debate is scheduled to hit the Interwebs.

Relentless debater and Qanon supporter Ultim8booN and notorious anti-Qanon crusader Fredrick ‘Hotwheels‘ Brennan will hit the mics at Meltdown Media Saturday evening.

Meltdown Media have interviewed both Fredrick and 8kun owner Jim Watkins in the past, and will host the debate on their Youtube channel.



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Could whomever also ask Freddy about a couple of his Twitter posts. Anon Domo!

Notable Second, with these images included