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Dayton shooter Connor Betts' links to @iamthespookster acct

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Guys archive this shit quick. Halfchan found this fuckers twatter that hasn't been memory holed.He is Antifa.




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Sure looks like the same guy

Some of his recent and lasts posts from Aug 2, 2019

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Frens, apologies for all the pics. I screencapped the heck out of this guy's twat account and posting all here b/c I don't archive (no time, talent or tools to do it). Make of it what you will, lotsa spoop.

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Here is a good breakdown of what links Connor Betts to @iamthespookster account.


BREAKING: The Dayton terrorist was a self-described “leftist” and Antifa supporter

Other connections:

accelerationism (Tarrant NZ manifesto)

Oregon ICE terrorist (Antifa) was a martyr (Betts attacked Oregon District in Dayton)


I did a keyword search on @iamspookster account for "satan".

Looks like Betts has been Satanic since at least the time he created spookster account in December 2013.

Seems to equate meth use with satan worship. Sarcasm? Meth problem?


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An assault on us. Keep your eyes peeled and your head on a swivel. Seriously ... we ARE the enemy now. We unearth what was buried and bring things to light that were never meant to be seen and we do it in such a way that it cannot be contested and the dissemination cannot be halted.

(Hey Skippy ... still think you're hot shit?)

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>Interested in checking out the accelerationism bit

>Militarist accelerationism - burn the world to the ground to start the new one