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Anons on Mystery Comms Anon: Gibberish or Moar?

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Is there a consensus on what Mysterious Comms Anon's messages mean, their purpose, or who they're directed to?

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It looks like a lot of jibberish. Maybe it's a weird manifestation of ebot? I'll probably filter it, if it goes nuts like it did in QR.

<It is weird though you don't see these things in G-town, where the diplomats party it up.

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It looked like deliberate misspellings, even in French (BBonne and the misplaced apostrophe turned into an accent over a letter).

Some of the out-of-place capital letters spelled words, e.g. PAIN within Patience. Wondered if anybody tried to decode.

The Re_UNITE got me because we know we are deliberately maintaining separation from /qr for our sanity, comfort, and ability to do our work effectively. Do I feel a slight edge of guilt over the separation? Not so much.

Possible test to see how much +/or what kind of autism is present here in /qr?

I don't think /ourguys/ need to test for that; I think they know exactly who is here and what kind of contributions each of us is good for.

Oh well.