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Thomas Flohr, owner of Vista Jet (private jet company for the filthy rich) DIGG anons!

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>>36554 (lb) mystery comms Anon

repost because very late in bread...


private jet company for the filthy rich - connected to fashion industry, Art, Royalty (Prince Phillipp-Queens ugly husband) and Rachel Chandler

private jets and yachts, elite travelling, the fashion industry, philantropy and "funding art" come in very handy regarding Human trafficking and other Deep State stuff


i looooooove mystery comms and since there are good news for Europe and i'm from Switzerland...let me kick off a first digg into Thomas Flohr

Swiss multimillionaire

Vista Jet Owner - private jet company for VIPs & CEOs

daughter Nina (heiress) "'married to Prince Phillips cousin'''

Thomas Flohr has a James Bond Mansion in St Moritz, Switzerland with e secret grotto

has a fucked up yacht

looks like an asshole

from article: Nina Flohr, 31, is the Swiss multimillionaire daughter of VistaJet founder Thomas Flohr.

VistaJet is a private jet charter company founded in 2004

For now lets call him a "travel agent" of the Elite





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Flohr dig continued

Mom was interdasting too

Her mother, Katharina, was the founding fashion director of both Russian and Greek Vogue, and later was the managing and creative director of Fabergé

The spoilt brat Nins lives in London, California, Mozambique, Afrika ...

Vistajet Sponsors Art Shows (pic related) and we all know what that means

and then comes Rachel Chandler in the mix



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FLOHR DIG continued

Vistajet flies the elite to 155!!!! countries

Flohr, a self-made businessman, started VistaJet in 2004 and has grown it over the last decade to be the largest fleet of private jets outside North America. VistaJet has just placed an order for 58 Global long-range Bombardier jets, the biggest deal in private business aviation history. The company, already offering the largest single service in private aviation, has recently received a licence to fly within Russia and is on the cusp of finalising an agreement that will see it enter into China.


he is also an "Art collector"

He collects art, including Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and Sterling Ruby.

Koons is a pedo, not sure with the others....


mystery comm Anon asked also why Chicago

here is Flohrs connection to chicago:

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Flohr started his career in finance working for the Chicago-based leading technology firm Comdisco. In 1995 he became President of their European division. In 1999, he has been appointed by Comdisco as president of the worldwide asset finance division. He would later buy out most of Comdisco's European operations through his Swiss-based group Comprendium Investment, which he still controls.


Comdisco also fucked up


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FLOHR DIG continued

seems like i'm having a party on my own...


>A similar fate befell Pontikes’ other baby, a DSL subsidiary called Prism Communications Systems. Comdisco bought Prism in March 1999 for $53 million and poured $478 million to expand Prism into 32 markets. But Prism ran into the same obstacles faced by other DSL players:balky technology, exorbitant customer acquisition costs and slow-footedness by regional Bells to hook up the service. Twenty months after Comdisco bought Prism, it shut off the spigot and Prism folded

has this possibly smth to do with THAT OTHER PRISM?



Aaaaaaaaaand what a coinkidink

Valerie Jarrett

served as commissioner of the department of planning and development from 1992 through 1995,

just until the year Comdisco wet bancrupt and Flohr - untouched by the scandal - took everything of value left and reopend business in Europe

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FLOHR DIG continued

here are his more interesting assets and companies:

(all in article)

''When Comdisco filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and was broken up, Flohr purchased its Swiss and

Austrian divisions and founded his own company, Comprendium Finance SA, now a leading provider of IT equipment throughout the German

speaking world.''

- Sole owner, founder and chairman VistaJet Holding SA

Comprendium Finance

founded after the bankruptcy of former employer Comdisco in 2001. The operations in Switzerland and Austria comprised 3% and 2%, respectively, of Comdisco’s European assets and were valued, at the time, at $316m

Global Art Holding

holding company, founded by Flohr in St Moritz, which specialises in the purchase, holding and sale of stakes in domestic and foreign companies

For sure my next dig re: trafficking


Registered in St Moritz and founded by Flohr in 2010, it specialises in the

==purchase, holding and sale of art objects== 

Flohr is the majority shareholder


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I know the situation is tense and nobody really has eyes for this, but will continue for the collective conciousness and archives.

i'm quite sure this slimebag will pop up again...

too many bells ringing

FLOHR DIG continued

found this article:

- bout a billionaire Nigerian oil magnate Kola Aluko who shows off with NAOMI CAMPELL


- bout oil magnets relation to the highly corrupt first female President of OPEC. Ms. Alison-Madueke

- bout her stealing $6 billion USD from Nigeria’s treasury and launder it with oil magnet via varoius byus as properties in Beverly Hills

- bout them beeing caught

- Ariana Grande and Gwyneth Paltrow involved

- and about his businesspartner THOMAS FLOHR AND HIS BRAT DAUGHTER NINA who where suspiciously involvef and slipped away clean of all accusations... again!


Also his daughter Nina, else only known for "partying" has a philantrophic pet project in Africa... reeks of trafficking

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tried to find out smth bout that Thomas Floor Art Trade Holding: RH1 SA

almost nothing to be found....

but found entry under Management:

Philippe Sebastien De Salis

De Salis is found in paradise papers ... offshore leaks

De Salis is also director of LLOYD GEORGE MANAGEMENT (BERMUDA) LTD.

which is connected to Joseph Misfud

wait what?!

dont know bout the paradise papers tho... 

Misfuds connection reads "director" of Lloyd George, same as for De Salis

both are also connected to Stonehage SA, Switzerland...



soooooo many rabbitholes... will continue some time later I guess....

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>VistaJet is a private jet charter company founded in 2004

Corporate Headquarters > MALTA


In recent years, the company has successfully entered the US and China markets, and last year increased its global flight traffic by 21%, making 2015 a record year for VistaJet.