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Is Bryan Crusius the father of the Walmart Shooter? John of God, Clintons, Maryanne Williamson, MK Ultra connections?

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reposting per baker request from lb

(altho i think at least a coule of anons posted same before i saw their posts)


= alleged shooter's dad

4.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, John 0F God Reference 1.mp4
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Got some of this from QR but the real source is half.

Apparent Video of Shooter's father mentioning contact with John of God (sex slaves, pedohilia, Clintons)




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oooookkkay guise ... now its gettin interesting.... shooters dad talks about people/"healers" from john of god that rented his place ... video is already been scrapped

also calling it... his stuff sounds like marianne williamson stuff

bryan crusius ->john of god -> oprah - abramo-witch


>Shooters dad is connected to john of god

>Found it on POL. Video was removed as I was in the thread. Literally refreshed the channel and watched the thumbnail disappear.



video on hooktube:




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Marianne Williamson, Oprah, MKultra Connection

According to Oprah, her search for a meaningful life and GOD led her to Marianne Williamson and the new age teachings of “A Course in Miracles.”

Oprah believes that the principles of “A Course in Miracles” can change the world. Oprah promotes “A Course in Miracles” through daily classes on Oprah’s XM satellite radio channel.

Dr. William Thetford, Professor of Medical Psychology, Columbia University, New York, assisted Dr. Helen Schucman as a ‘scribe’ in the initial channeling of the “A Course in Miracles “(ACIM) book originally published in 1975 by an organization called The Foundation for the Investigation of Para Sensory Phenomena.

From 1971 to 1978, Dr. William Thetford, along with a David Saunders, headed CIA MK-ULTRA Subproject 130: Personality Theory while at Columbia University. In other words, Dr. Thetford was working for the CIA conducting TOP SECRET Personality Theory of Conversion Hysterics experiments under MK-ULTRA at the same time he was the scribe for the 1975 ACIM book. [19]

After graduating from college in 1949, Thetford worked as a research psychologist in both Chicago, and later in Washington, DC. According to Colin Ross, from 1951 to 1953, Thetford worked on Project BLUEBIRD, an early CIA mind control program that led to MK ULTRA. He spent 1954 and 1955 as the director of clinical psychology at the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut. From 1955 to 1957, he was an assistant professor of psychology at Cornell University’s CIA-funded Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

In 1958, he accepted an assistant professorship, which later developed into a full professorship, at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. During a portion of this same period he also served as the director of clinical psychology at the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital. It was here that he would stay for the next 20 years, and it was here that he first met Dr. Helen Schucman, hiring her as a research psychologist and assistant.[20]

In other words, at the time that Dr. Schucman channeled ACIM, from a voice she resonated from a master named JESUS, she also working for the CIA[21] as a MK ULTRA mind bended (hallucinogenic drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, psychic driving) guinea pig.



Oprah, The CIA Keystone Spiritual Awakening: “A Course in Miracles “

Reading through the MK-Ultra/ACIM article. This phrase stuck out to me.

Oprah, The CIA Keystone Spiritual Awakening: “A Course in Miracles “

I did a search on CIA Keystone. Here are some of the results from the cia page that talk about keystone.

CIA Headquarters — Central Intelligence Agency


Apr 15, 2007 - Established in 1947 and located in Virginia, the Central Intelligence Agency is the keystone of the Intelligence Community. The Agency, unlike ...

Chapter One — Central Intelligence Agency


Mar 16, 2007 - DCI Allen Dulles in 1961 used the word “keystone” to describe CIA's place in the Intelligence Community, and in 1994 DCI R. James Woolsey ...

In this context, is the cia the keystone that once removed cause the whole thing to collapse?


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I found a pdf version of the book online to see if there is anything odd



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This is ALL tied together. El Paso shooters Father was a mind fucker and he worked at The Wisdom Light LLC. They import "Crystals" n shit frm S Korea. This Bish, Imara is the connection. Read her shets.



Same triangles as Jon of God. These all go together which means THEY are running out of ammo because there stories are all intersecting bow!

'''Woman behind the arrest of faith healer John of God after claiming he was running a ‘sex slave farm’ commits suicide at her home in Barcelona

Sabrina Bittencourt died after accusing faith healer John of God of sex abuse

She claimed he kept women captive and exported their children on black market

The faith healer has been accused of abusing hundreds of women in Brazil'''


Media Blackout: Woman Found Dead Days After Exposing Bill Clinton’s “Faith Healer” As Child Rapist – Mysterious “Suicide”


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So we have this pic right, we know someone is changing shet. We've digged his father, I personally have digged on his work.

My question is, who are the Liu's?

Pic related!

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South Korean crystal connection

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