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Anons needs extra shovels for Sean L. Kaul, Phoenix office FBI Special Agent in charge, DIGG

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Phoenix FBI: QAnons are terrorists

Anons dig Phoenix FBI

New SAC at Phoenix FBI, Sean L Kaul

Kaul showed up in the right places at right time for:

Pedo Task Force AZ ICAC 2015-2016

SpyGate FBI HQ 2016 CounterTerror Div.

Hawaii Missile Alert Jan 2018 Honolulu SAC

QAnon terrorist memo leak Phoenix FBI SAC

Need to set the stage for a QAnon FF frame-up?


WHAT A COINCIDENCE memo leaks 2 days before FF "Chan Killer".

Leaked to one of the Cabal's favorite outlets: Yahoo News.

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doggonit. better.

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