Last bunch of and I’m putting this to bed in my

Mind. The News Reports are only spewing forth a narrative and NO ONE is telling the truth.

Anons >>> I’m thinking we should keep a record of these proofs because they will he scrubbed from the net as soon as they are discovered. I mean think about it. What better way to verify that all TRUTH is scrubbed than to have a bunch of OCD Autists point out every single one that hasn’t been scrubbed yet. It’s a thought.

So onto >>> twatter has been dutifully scrubbing every piece of anything that would point to the truth. But I managed to capture these little gems.

Again please note dates and times. And for the record WHO is reporting it.

That’s it I’m done with this FF. It’s obvious this was an op. But set forth and staged by whom would be worth knowing and most likely the only way to find out is to reverse engineer events >>>> in other words >>> what’s this story really trying to cover up? What’s REALLY going on in the world today. 😊