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Bunker anons find Qresearch suspicious

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am I wrong to feel discusted with the qresearch bakers?

I typed out something rather emotional, and didn't post it.

but am I wrong t see that to make a joke of the idea of the tieing of what happened and the FBI report is in very very poor taste even for 8ch.

you see I wonder if any of those bakers are even in America. And so if there is shit with the FBI and Americans who use that site take the heat, the shill bakers don't get any heat at all, being overseas.

am I concerned over nothing?

the other board seems more and more like there are active operators trying to set people up.

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There are some very good bakers at QR. And there are also bakers who seem out-to-lunch/immature. And a third group who seem downright subversive: they never use identifible pastebins, memes or baker handles, but can be id'd by their crappy titles, strange notables & negative anon response.

Obviously obsessed with (((mossad))) (or pretending to be).

Gosh, just went to QR looking for some "bad" bred titles. But found something else, a fourth group of baker: anons trying to bake when crap bakers leave them high and dry. Lastest QR bred is capped.


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Anons, I'm pissed about these shootings.

I know emotion clouds judgement, but still angry.

I'm angry about the fact Christchurch, Poway and now El paso "shooters" posted on 8chan first.

This is obviously some CIA/FBI shit. Both of these agencies are supposed to answer to POTUS, but they are clearly completely rogue.

To make matters worse, there's Fast Jack's B.S.

Been a bunker anon since day 1, but obviously keep eyes on across the street. Yesterday during the height of the shooting, QR's kitchen was run by a muhjoo baker. Coincidence? I think not. What better time to put a comped baker behind the wheel. This clearly indicates, FJ is not just some normal guy with an ego problem, but an FBI/CIA nigger.

In short, QR is supposed to be our place, but it is working to support the narrative. 8chan is just a place where the first amendment is supposed to be enjoyed in all of its glory, but the powers that be, hate that shit, so they are killing innocents (or faking it) just to stop innocent discussions.

All of that has got me peeved.

Sorry, I had to vent.

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always something, here with cap this time...

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God bless you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers.

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Well I followed up on what was going down at QR this evening and here is what happened.

What's happening at our sister board?

Funny, but right after the "please pray for QR" post, I went over to QR bc I noticed they were 2 breds behind on notes and no baker. Tried to help by generating a pastebin, but it was never used. Meanwhile, was shilled like crazy. See cap.

My conclusion: Board is comp'd as all get out, due to interference by the usual suspects. Haven't backed off one bit. Got into a revealing interaction with someone who I'm pretty sure was BO pretending to be anon. This is not just a guess, see cap.

Bread #9382

Supposedly got ebaked by an anon; that may be true. But VERY early for ghost at QR, considering Q posts there. Baker never generated a pastebin, so I got the one from the previous bread and then filled it in with notes anons retrieved from two breds--they were great. Still no baker announced, so offered to bake for one bred, red text, prolly posted twice. But nobody responded. Was there a baker? Sometime after @700, said I will bake (moar red text), but then someone sort of snuck in and baked early wo saying anything (pastebin says "virgin e-baker". Maybe. Old shill trick is posing as a beginner in order to mess up the dough.) Here is the not-ready-for-primetime pastebin.' https://pastebin.com/4GD1wk0c

Bread #9383

This bred (#9383) was also baked by a "mystery baker." It has an incorrect number (#9384), although BO promptly corrected it after I pointed it out. Notables are also numbered wrong. If you go to the dough post, you'll see the suggested corrections to the baker (the cap shows an "anon's furious response to feedback on those).

Now, just who is this baker? Or more to the point, who is his boss?

One clue: previous bred, i was dealing with a very nasty shill who criticized me up and down. When no baker appeared, I suggested this shill do the bake. Guess what he said?

"That's the anons responsibility."

Me: "Then who the F are YOU?"

Who indeed. NOT an anon but posting as one. I'd bet good money that it's BO @FJ, because he references past interactions between us that no one else would be tracking. See cap for moar.


This post troubles me, NOT FOR NOTABLES, plz, Baker. Not now.

This is for anons, EYES ON.

Screenshot of cap may be useful.

QRB needs to stay in "tip-top" shape. Never know what changes may come.