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Anons theories of why a shooter would wear ear muffs

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Covered eyes and ears make an ID more difficult.


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I was also thinking the ears are pretty definitive and an easy spot for differences. Also if the two guys had different hair lines or growth over or around the ears this would be an easy tell and the ear protectors would hide this.

It would appear the guy who was arrested was not the guy who went through those front doors. I suspect the picture of the guy going through those doors may have been taken at some other time/place and used for FF effect.

There is a photo of a guy, around 195 pound 6ft wearing kacki slack pants being arrested unfortunately the guy going through the doors looks like he is around 165 lbs and the kacki's he's wearing are cargo with pockets if my eyes serve me.

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Electronic earpro will dampen the report of the rifle while allowing noise under about 85db through. You can turn the volume up and hear better than you normally could. This improves situational awareness and is a smart thing to do in this scenario.

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Not really or the others would do it. This one, with the ear pro. He was the lead of the op.

The others the patsy props.

This one needed to protect his hearing for the future. He was the FBI plant. He looked different than the others.

I’ll bet those tan pants were Blackhawk! and his boots 5.11s. He looked more pro from the get go. Now you see less,of him.