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Anons wonder if recent mass causality events are meant to distract from something BIGGER

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The Gilroy Garlic Festival wasn't big enough, so we got this.

WHAT are we being distracted from?

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From 46c Notables section:

>>36025 Celebrities, royals and politicians brace themselves as court orders release of explosive Jeffrey Epstein files

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Also, rat/drug, corrupt politician infested Baltimore.

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>WHAT are we being distracted from?

Failed negotiations in Turkey.

Post at QR discussing a double cross by Turkey re: troop withdrawl. The idea expands to a triple cross by Turkey with Russia.

Anon have a finger on the pulse on wtf is going on in Turkey?


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Baltimore money trail.

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Just gonna pickle off this liddle thought-bomb

Anons, great freakin' digging , as always. I been outa da loop for hours and I see you guys have already torn apart the El Paso event and are well on the way, collectively, to finding all the DS fuckery discrepancies.

<But what stinks about this is how shallow the whole event has been. Almost like summon wanted the best diggers on the planet distracted from something else.

>Query: is anyone watching the back door?

Something about this tells me it was diversionary. Aimed at us.

Not encouraging a cessation of digs...

Just saying check yer 6

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This info came out yesterday



BREAKING: Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Phones