Geeze...the only eye witnesses and they say men and man in black.

Geeze...even Druge featured this guy on their page header, but noooooo live vid actually quoting him saying he saw a man dressed in black with a mask, no less.

Geeze ... no one discribed a guy wearing kacki shorts and a white tea shirt with noise suppression headphones and an AK 47. But wow the camera at Walmesh got him entering all spiffy and looking shooting range ready.

Geeze...a camera every six ft in Walmesh but, only the two pics of kacki guy entering the building that no one else described as the shooter.

Geeze...Why does Parkland shooting come to mind as they peacefully arrest the guy just waiting for the police to pick him up and arrest him on the street in front of Walmesh.

Geeze...where were all the photos of the ambulances rushing the injured on stretchers out of the store and wisking them away with horns blaring to the hospital. 40 some people to cart away to the hospital. Parking lot should of been loaded with ambulances.

Geeze...anybody think of what a bullistic test might look like about now if there were more then one shooter.

Geeze...Why does it always start out with witnesses seeing more then one shooter, always dressed in black, And end up with a college age kid wearing a tee shirt, kacki's, or jeans.?

Geeze...why am I thinking I'm watching a movie???????????