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Anon Spots Smaller Font Used With Q References in So-Called FBI Doc Leak or is it a Fax/Scanner Anomaly?

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posted across the street as well

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the new FBI document. So I made it easier for anons to read.

Domestic extremists employ a number of indicators, some of which may be criminal and others which may constitute the exercise of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The FBI is prohibited from engaging in investigative activity for the sole purpose of monitoring the exercise of constitutional rights.


pg. 1

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Smaller font

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Guise i am on the run

Can some anon analyze fonts

It appears Q references are in a smaller font

Pic related


They even named it on scribd as amended

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It's clearly a scanned document. Either in the scanning, or if source document was received by fax, it likely went through an ADF (automated document feeder). Slight variations in speed during feeding causes some lines to be different heights. It's common. And it wasn't just the line with the Q reference. (pic related)

We don't have full confirmation.

However, the FBI gave a written statement which was sort of a non-denial confirmation.



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It would seem not all Q references contain a text change. (Pic 1)

Also found a text change in another instance not directly referencing Q. (Pic 2)