Joy Villa’s Journey Back to Her Conservative Roots

Joy Villa is, at her very core, a performer.

She has lived the creative process through and through in her lifelong journey of transformation. Some of her most vivid and affirming memories from childhood are those of being alone in her room, writing songs that she could then share with the world.

Now, the chart-topping singer-songwriter, model, actress, and fashionista is currently starring in a romantic comedy, and feels the need to add: “[Many of the cast are] pro-America. They know I’m a conservative, they know I’m a Trump supporter, and they love that about me.”

That’s because being a conservative in Hollywood tends to raise eyebrows—and also sometimes attracts death threats.

Villa has had a front-row seat in witnessing the upending of values in recent decades, having gone from being a conservative preacher’s daughter to a left-leaning liberal to one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters and realizing many things she once believed were lies.

She experiences the irony of the current cultural landscape daily and adds that she just recently released a single, “Freedom (Fight for It),” a song about freedom of speech, and fans are flooding her inbox with messages and screenshots of how it’s being censored on iTunes.

“I’m fighting every day to say ‘Let me be who I am. Just respect me—I’m not even saying believe in what I say,'” she said. “Just don’t try to shut me up. Don’t limit my speech because you don’t like it or you disagree with it.”

“It’s funny, conservatives are really the free speech fighters,” Villa said.