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Here's a P8 sub hunter doing strange maneuvers way off the coast of NJ.

The long E-W traces are the two DC10s over NJ. P8 just vanished from radar at 4700'.

Probably nothing out to sea to cap the signal and forward it to the ADSB website.

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That same P8 is now appearing over Charleston. The data is screwed up. Could check flight history but doesn't matter that much.

OK, heading west to look at civilian flights in Orange County, CO.

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It's late & PF didn't check ICAO numbers. There are TWO P8s at the positions noted earlier. (It's fairly common that a plane simply disappears off the map then reappears later.)

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So here's what air traffic over SoCal looks like. 119 aircraft, none military. The choppers are all PD (normal over LA basin area). Santa Ana (John Wayne Airport) marked with red rectangle.

Frankly I don't quite know what to look for here. There is a large cluster of plane converging upon LA.

Without checking individual flights and schedules it would be hard to determine if these are all re-routed or something. PF too tired to check that way.

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Sorted by altitude -- looks like many/most are on the ground at LAX. Hmmm...