Cuomo Goes Ballistic On Guns

Authored by James Fite via,

The Second Amendment hit with another round of lead poisoning in The Empire State...

Governor Andrew Cuomo took a few potshots at the already dying right to keep and bear arms in The Empire State as he signed more gun control bills into law. Surprise, surprise. New York is hardly a bastion of respect for the Second Amendment and has more than its share of “common sense” firearms restrictions. While anyone with actual good sense already knows better than to let a Democrat politician around their guns, this is as good a time as any to recall that Liberty Nation’s Graham J Noble was and still is correct: The party of progressives is absolutely out to disarm us.

Lock ‘Em Up

Gun owners in New York are no strangers to safe storage laws, though the rules vary depending on where in the state they live. But under the new measure signed Tuesday, July 30, anyone who has a firearm in a house with a minor under the age of 16 has about two months to lock up their guns – without exception.

“These measures continue New York’s legacy of enacting the strongest gun laws in the nation by helping keep firearms out of the hands of children,” Gov. Cuomo bragged – and yes, he actually boasts about infringing liberty more than any other state in the union.