"Muh Notables" Thread

As everybody knows, at QR @FJ decided to move all notables to another thread. Not a very attractive idea, since he also banished them from the main board.

Whoever set up QRB, one of them also established a "muh notables" thread much like the one at QR. I wasn't around here then--was over at QR trying to preserve traditional pastebins, kek. So I don't know how that came about. But I have been listing all our notables in that thread up thru #45.

Could be handy, because anons can search with F3 and find all the recent diggs on a particular topic. A lot of anons were not against the idea of a thread for notables at QR, just against taking them out of the main board.

So let's see whether this separate thread idea really gives us a new resource for digging. Link: >>9528