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The only Black House Repub critic of POTUS (Will Hurd) is not seeking re-election

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The only black House Republican, a critic of President Donald Trump’s, has joined a growing list of GOP lawmakers not seeking reelection next year, jarring the party’s efforts to woo minority voters and recapture House control

WASHINGTON — The only black House Republican, a critic of President Donald Trump’s, has joined a growing list of GOP lawmakers not seeking reelection next year, jarring the party’s efforts to woo minority voters and recapture House control.

Rep. Will Hurd, a moderate Texan who’s split with Trump over race and immigration, became the ninth House Republican to say he or she will depart and the sixth in just over a week. Those retirements — and Republicans say there are more to come — will only complicate the GOP’s pathway to gaining the minimum 18 seats it will need to grab the chamber’s majority in the November 2020 elections.

Hurd, 41, personifies some problems his party faces as the campaign season gears up: He is among several junior lawmakers to abruptly abandon vulnerable seats and is a visible symbol of the GOP’s struggle to shed its image as a bastion for white men.

While the former CIA agent’s written announcement late Thursday said he was pursuing an opportunity in technology and national security, he added, “I will stay involved in politics to grow a Republican Party that looks like America.” He was not specific.

Hurd’s exit puts the GOP ahead of its pace in 2018, when 34 of its members declined to seek reelection — the party’s most retirements since at least 1930. It also underscored a distaste among many Republicans for life as the House minority party, today’s razor-sharp partisanship and Trump’s tantrums and tweets.

Republicans say they don’t expect this election’s retirements to reach last year’s levels. But the recent departures put perhaps four additional GOP seats in play and suggest an underlying unease within the party.

“There’s a mood of tremendous frustration with the lack of accomplishment,” Rep. Paul Mitchell, R-Mich., said in an interview this week, days after stunning colleagues when he said he’s leaving after just two House terms. Mitchell, 62, blamed leaders of both parties for prioritizing politics over problem solving.



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Can this be added in to prior notable on this Hurd douche?

This was very Baker - Notable for the fact that he is stepping down from his seat in Congress, one he could have easily kept. That’s not the ONLY reason he is notable, though.

I don’t know how ‘black’ this guy is, but he is in fact, a full card carrying Glownigger Clown. He spent 9 years in the CIA! Asia sector. Hummm....

Yeah, and if that’s not enough, the Democrats and MSM really like this mystery meat. So much so that they want him...and ANOTHER fellow House Republican who is also stepping down, to run against TRUMP!

Anons, this article is some golden turd award winning propaganda. It claims that POTUS approval is so low he’s vulnerable to people that are willingly giving up their spot at the Congressional feed trough and running for the hills.

Amazing times.


Baker - Also add Alabama 2nd District Martha Roby to the list of republicans in uncontested districts just up and not running in 2020. She ran coattails as a Tea Party candidate and was anything but that.


Anons, do we have a running list of Congress members NOT seeking re-election in 2020 like we did in 2018 or did I just volunteer for the job?

This is really interesting. It’s pretty much under the radar like in 2018. No one in the MSM is really asking them why the are just giving up and leaving. Most articles I found are like the Washington Examiner Opinion piece of shit cited above, and this guy just happens to have the ‘opinion’ they all chose not to run because Orange Man Bad.

I’m not buying that bullshit for a second. These are all highly suspicious people that are either Rhinos or clowns.

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>While the former CIA agent’s...

Another soros clown plant thinking he is important enough that by attempting to disrupt President Trump's inevitable re-election he will save the day for the soros/C_A/demonrat cabal.

These people are stupid!

Minorities in America are gravitating towards President Trump and away from the treasonous, America-hating demonrats. President Trump doesn't need a "minority" politicians to attract "minority" voters and minority voters sure as hell don't need to be insulted by a soros plant telling them they aren't intelligent enough to vote for anyone but a similarly colored minority politician.

Sort of like the insults being levied against minority communities telling them they don't have the intellectual ability to get a driver's license or go to a doctor or rent a home so asking them to get ID for voting is just too onerous!

The truth doesn't need any soros/C_A/globalist scum plant, the truth only needs the truth.