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Epstein & Podesta Underground Theaters

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This article shows that Epstein was seeking to add 20,000 SQFT to the island .. UNDERGROUND THEATER, GYM and SPA “despite already having a Gym and Spa on the island.”

Tony Podesta boasted of having an underground theater with screens on all walls, floor and ceiling. Sounded like something they could use for mkultra type programming to me.

I had calculated and posted on the ventilation arrangement based on typical unit sizes etc.


>>29508 (pb)

>at minimum this is for 12,000 SQFT.

It hits the 20k number if I add about 1/2 ton cooling capacity to each unit.

Also on the story about a “music pavilion” per NBC’s trash reporting. There is this structure pictured that is closest to it.

Lots can be gleaned from the story though


My pic just shows they are lying and the temple cover story is total


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Further, the drawing indicated stone as constructed. Like the other buildings.....not at all similar in any respect to the temple.

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>theater with screens on all walls, floor and ceiling


Had an episode just like that

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It was actually just all walls.

Podesta says it’s a “form of addiction” and buys complex video exhibitions that are “difficult to display”

I swear they have dancing elephants and some of that sick artist that shows raping kids top right


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This is what "seeing" looks like. That "temple" is a service building. You know that colorless little service structure on top of multi-story buildings that houses the elevator windlass and motors? Why not paint it in blue and white stripes and make it the top floor?

I don't have the engineering / architectural chops that you do, but I want to thank you for digging into this. My GUESS, based on their love of symbolism, is that we are looking at 7 floors ... the seven levels of Dante's hell.

Those were youth-sized mattresses being stored inside. For the love of God, please keep digging!