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Education ain't what it used to be: no textbooks just worksheets, IPADS & computer modules

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How about this..."parents" how about taking a week and reading through each of your child's textbooks.

If by the end of a week you are not vomiting your guts out, sharpening your pikes, stripping the feathers, and heating up the tar I'll be surprised. The proof of what is being done to your kids comes home in their backpacks every day and you're too busy shitposting to notice.

Yeah, read the fucking textbooks, and then protest and sue. Ya'll sitting back while school counselors diagnose your kids as trans and take away your parental rights...

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Around here, the kids aren't issued textbooks to come home with. Perhaps this is the reason?

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Wait, what? Your kids do not get textbooks? They do not bring work home?

Well yes, that would be the reason and I'd be damn sure I went in person to the school and demanded a copy of each textbook and read it entirely through.

Civil right sections gonna piss any right thinking person the hell off...here is a short sweet version of what is in that section...and see if it does not explain why white kids today hate themselves:

black kids are fail, will never be able to succeed, and it's all white people's fault

white kids, see the black kid fail, see why the black kid will never amount to anything? that;s all your fault.

^^^^THAT IS what the civil rights sections teach. I looked at one feature on Ferguson and not one fucking word of it was true except for Michael Brown is dead....not a word of it was true. For scholarly works the ONLY things cited should be facts in evidence....which means the court case...facts agreed to in court. Instead the feature was full of footnotes...that let to nowhere. I kid you not.

And you do not even want to see the founding of the USA history...I think the last AM hist book I ....anyway...had four pages on that? And half of the information was skewed or outright wrong....

All most textbook authors are jews, all the works cited are jews (jews only site other jews) and


Pussy...either stop paying your taxes that go to the schools or get out there and demand a decent education because the shit that you're seeing right this moment started when people started stashing their kids in daycare (socialized raising) to be raised by strangers and stopped paying attention to what was going on in school.

GET HOLD OF THE TEXTBOOKS. That is your right, it is your tax dollars and if the school refuses you (they will) get more parents together and protest until you get to read them.


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>Wait, what? Your kids do not get textbooks? They do not bring work home?

Mine are grown and gone, but I work part time as a school crossing guard and I've asked the kids about that a couple times.

Sr. High and Middle School and no books.

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they teach them from ipads given to them for free.