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Dan Coats: Swampy lobbyist: Google, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Bailouts, much more

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Dan Coats


Google, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Bailouts, much more


article from the Tea Party days...

reporter thought we might break out the pitchforks when he ran for Senate again

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>Senate financial disclosure, from 2014, shows he had a net worth of more than $12m.

His list of lobbying clients is ample demonstration that he is swampy.

What is amazing is how cheap his services are. For the deep pockets of the Deep State, this guy is a cheap date.

Sure he gives it up for money, but he's a bargain. After all that, he was only worth 12 million dollars in 2014.

I wonder if any of his relatives have come into massive wealth over the last 20 years?

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You keep telling yourself that it's a LARP, Dan.

Don't PANIC.

Next up: Dan Coats founds a non-profit called the Sagamore Institute in 2004.

Just in the last 5 years of available records, this Indiana 501(c)(3) "charity" has raked in nearly


Are you getting nervous, Dan?

Wonder what the forensic accountants are going to find?

Dan, [BE READY].




Perhaps I underestimated Dan, maligning him as a cheap date.

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Sept 14, 2018 Article dated Sept 14, 2018 with info re Dan's wife and kids. Wikipedia Dan Coats seems never to have seen it. His wife's principles don't seem to quite fit Dan's somehow.

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In the 1990s when she still lived in Virginia, Coats attended Johns Hopkins to get her Master’s degree in clinical community counseling. She eventually set up her own practice, while her husband served in the Senate. She also helped the U.S. Senate Chaplin and served on the board of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services of Northern Virginia.