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"No Fly List"? SSSS stamped on tickets/boarding passes of "suspicious" passengers

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Are any of you guys regular flyers/pilots/etc? The reason is because probably the first thing that would happen is you would end up on a no fly list. I haven't heard of that at all honestly so that is something to think about. Are we being tracked though? Well, ofcourse. Probably by a shitload of outfits. If you don't scrub your memes of identifying information, re-name them (since the download name likey is not randomized and would link you back to the point where you got it) or regularly repost the same stuff keying all the post's content to a single individual... etc then you can be tracked that way. Hell, we can all be tracked simply by common misspellings/ a sticky key on a keyboard causing double-capitalization etc. Do you post memes here and at the same time post them on fagbook... with your phone...? See what I mean? With enough moeny and resources none of us are really anon.

Nearly any state-level actor could ID every person here with only a little effort is my guess. Only normies (like me) would struggle to do the above. Hell, there are probably smart individuals here who can do much of what I described themselves.

We stand behind The First Ammendment IMO. It is protected by The Second Ammendment so we speak freely as long as we can. The first is my sword and the second is my shield.

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>you would end up on a no fly list.

before you end up on a no-fly list -- and you might never get on that list -- you would start seeing 'SSSS' stamped or written on your boarding passes. That is the code to airport security to give you a thorough checking of your person/clothes/luggage.

people get SSSS on their boarding pass for such suspicious things as: buying their ticket in cash, traveling frequently to foreign countries. God forbid you just don't want to keep the credit card companies in business.

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You are not wrong...

All this shit needs to go away... Land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. I would feel safer if every single person on the plane had a machine gun than if I saw SSSS on my boarding pass and got the rubber glove treatment.