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Plane fag reports (including bun on secret heli ops around DC)

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Algeria ... quite a trip in a helicopter I would think.

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Today is the last day of the USAF's

Red Flag Exercise

Red Flag schedule for fiscal year 2019:

Red Flag 19-1: 26 Jan-15 Feb

Red Flag 19-2: 8 March-22 March

Red Flag 19-3: 15 July-2 Aug


There are a ton of T38 and TEX2 trainers in the air right now mainly over TX and OK.

ADSB radar only shows us what they want to allow the public to see.

Interesting that the S FL part of the map isn't updating.

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Musel 16 shows as a fixed wing craft but is closely following the river at a low altitude. Not fixed wing unless it is a drone. But then, if a drone, why the MUSEL call sign?

TBH, I don't understand what I am seeing. Any REAL planefags wanna chime in?

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Yes. It's a helicopter. We spent half a day tracking these MUSEL flights and found out what the MUSEL operation is.

>>24922 pb

>MUSEL** callsign helicopters from Andrews/Ft.

"Supported Washington D. C. capital area airlift for the Executive Branch, high-ranking dignitaries, military leaders and distinguished visitors, 2006-."


Our very extensive digs with callsigns, radar traces, and a complete log of these flights can be found here

(all links PB):

>>24895, >>24896, >>24899, >>24902, >>24903, >>24905, >>24906, >>24907, >>24701, >>24709 , >>24719, >>24720, >>24726, >>24748 Bun: Planefag dig on theory that no-tail-no, no-aircraft-type, MUSEL** callsign helicopters from Andrews/Ft. Belvoir/Camp Springs MD, over DC metro area 10/1/18 to present MIGHT be this secret Op: "Army Lets Slip That It's Conducting Secret Helicopter Operation around D.C."