Under the US Constitution, the US Treasury has the right to Create Money and Distribute Money for the use of the US Government.

>Before the Federal Reserve - The US Govt. had $0 Debt.

In 1913, a group of Banking families STOLE the Right To Create Money from the US Treasury. using Bribery, Blackmail and Murder.  (Some prominent rich men who opposed the forming of the Fed died on the Titanic.)

>The Federal Reserve Bank is Unconstitutional.

These Banksters Fooled the American public by:

1. Naming it the "Federal" Reserve Bank - the public believed that it was a branch of our Federal Government, when it is actually privately owned.

2. Secret Ownership - The names of the Board of Directors is a closely held secret. For 106 years, We, The People do not know who actually owns the Federal Reserve Bank. 

3. Turned America into a Debt Slave - These private banksters Create Money Out of Thin Air, Loan it to the US Government, charges interest on the Principal, which the US Government must pay back to these private banksters.

4. Created Income Tax - The Income Tax was originally supposed to be only Temporary, yet was never repealed.

The Federal Reserve Money Magick Scam:Imagine that you want to buy a house for $100,000 USD, and get a Bank Loan. The Bank creates money out of thin air, loans you $100,000 + 3% interest.

You then have to pay the Bank back $100,000 + interest. For most people, that means working full time for decades to pay the money back. If you don't, the Lender forecloses and takes ownership of your house.

Now imagine if you had the Power to Create Money out of Thin Air, loan it out and your debtors had to pay you back by having to actually earn the money. Think how rich you can get.

Banks Loan Out 40 Times More Than The Capital That They Have - the top 5 Biggest Banks loan out about 40-45 times the money that they actually have. Their capitalization is dismal around 1.3% the last time I looked.  

This means that for every actual $Dollar that people deposit into their bank accounts, the banks are loaning out $40 Dollars. 

They are loaning out money that they actually do not have.

The private banksters of the Federal Reserve Creates $$$Trillions out of thin air.  Loans it out to our Government, and our Government pays it back by Collecting Taxes from We, The People.

March 27, 2020 President Trump has essentially nationalized the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve, and taken back the Power to Create Money from the private banksters and returned that Power to its rightful place, the US Treasury.

This is a Historic event. 106 Years of Debt Slavery. Finally the Federal Reserve has been Dismantled. This is bringing back Power To The People. The full ramifications will become more obvious as time goes on.

"They will never control us again".