Masks is Codeword for Shell Companies

In Q post #1100(!)

Q posted "shell co" (company)

and in #783:

Pyramid will collapse.

Think shell.

Shellcompanies have no physical presence or actual business operations, but are … and even terrorists, illegally using shell companies to mask transactions.

"to MASK

The ww hunt for masks.

Hidden enemy.

Hidden behind masks.

'Masks' is a codeword for using shell companies to hide money gained through corruption.

Now read this:

"Fraudsters often use shell companies — a significant control risk — to steal public funds from federal, state, local, tribal and other government entities. As fraud examiners, we should use our fraud examination methodologies to prevent, detect, identify, and investigate fraud and public corruption schemes that utilize these sham firms."

This is translated from a weird (paywall) article from German "Welt":

"The whole world is hunting for masks"

"…people are flying, with suitcases full of money, to China, where daily millions of masks spring up."

Weird wording: "spring up" …

Medical masks are "produced",

but shell companies ("masks") spring up.

Masks is another word for shell companies and this (paywall!) article is seemingly talking about medical masks,

but the weird choice of words is giving it away to the informed reader

that this article is about shell companies and people ww fleeing with suitcases full of money to China.

To root out the corruption scheme via shell companies/ masks,

China needs to stop aiding and abetting criminals fleeing with their money to China, in a last effort to hide it.

Potus tells us that he is talking to Xi about the virus.

The hidden enemy, the virus, that hides himself behind masks.