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Planefag report

OCEAN71 - C30J transport from Sacramento to Moffett Field in Bay Area, then turn around jump to Navy Air Station Point Mugu near LA

MUSS64 - E6 on western patrol

Also seen C30J at Moffett field last couple of days (3/25, 3/26) doing laps of the bay area and take off/landing loops. call sign KING53 and KING62. Moffett normally pretty quiet.

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French Gov't CTM220 Dassault Falcon 9X on final at Villacoublay Air Base- Paris after a ground stop at Marseille

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FORTE10 Global Hawk Drone north of Bucarest.

Been a while since this one has been up

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GRZLY50 USMC C-560 put of San Luis Obispo Regional Airport and NE

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Note to PF tracking RAF plane in the Gulf of Mexico. Most flights that way are to Belize, which the Queen is head of state. There is a military base there.

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RRR2254 is descending towards Belize. Tracking has frozen.