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Thank you Baker.

-JUDGE61 Still drawing lines West of Oklahoma City.

-TEAM61 heading North East followed by


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RAF not landing in Miami. Maybe Cancun is nice this time of year?

CNV4902 headed on a heading for Atlanta - possibly Dobbins?

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French Gov't CTM1059 Airbus out of Algeria-the second one today so far. First one was a Dassault Falcon 9X

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CNV4421 landed at Dallas Fort Worth. Plant 4.

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OCEAN71 flew from Mather to Moffatt (Palo Alto country) then headed down the coast. Tracking.

71 > 17?

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RCAF CFC3149 2554 2553 out of 8th Wing CFB Trenton and NW. There is a fourth under CFC3149 but does not stay lit

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OCEAN71 on final into Point Mugu NAS.