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Interesting Ident for @POTUS flight to Norfolk today


We see you Q+

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French Gov't CTM0220 Falcon 9X from Algeria north after depart from Paris-incomplete data on actual landing/departure area in Algeria

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PAT857 on final into Opa Locka Executive, Miami.

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march 6th

Feb 18

Feb 21

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RAF Voyager inbound. Not sure if this is the one used by the PM, since he's in isolation. Most Voyagers are tankers in the RAF.

Royals seeking shelter in sanctuary cities? Remember, Harry and Meghan are now in LA.

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nuffin on the scope. nothing "lit" anywhere near you

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Planefag Vlad in da haus nigglets

Will be tracking the coming 1-2H

Any other Planeflag have anything to update me on?


-GRZLY50 doing it's regular turns around Los Angeles - Bakersfield - Santa Maria.

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-JUDGE61 out painting. Also noted a short transmission, check image.

Right above "Whispering Lakes", might be something, might be nothing.

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RAF Voyager on approach to Fort Lauderdale. I don't think they are here for the golf.