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anons respond to SPV question regarding the FRB/Treasury news

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Can anyone explain or provide links to information as to how Special Purpose Vehicles effectively give power to the Treasury Department over the Federal Reserve?

The story goes that the Fed will finance these SPVs and the SPVs will control retail lending from subsequent govt agencies. How does this give control to the Treasury Dept? The Fed still manufactures the money and lends it to the Treasury?

Not arguing, I just can't find any details as to how this works and from where this arrangement originated.

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The key is no interest and POTUS controls the operation, not the FED and not the banks.

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it changes the regulations that the fed operates under and gives potus oversight.

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You do know that the Fed Reserve is a privately owned company, right?

The Treasury Dept. is government ran, not privately ran.

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SPV's are used in business transactions all the time.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity created for a specific purpose. In the context of raising capital, a SPV (usually structured as LLC) can be used as a funding structure, by which all investors (or investors under a given investment threshold) are pooled together into a single entity.