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planefag report(s)

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'X' is crossing into the Gulf of Mexico at angels 27.

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Couple of C-130s on the ground at Sacramento. PAT0086 inbound.

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Marines in the air. GRZLY50 out of McClellan Palomar.

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Navy C-40 CNV4202 leaving Andrews headed NE. Tracking.

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Blackhawk out of Dobbins, Atlanta.

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Another Navy C-40 (Boeing 737) in the air, CNV4902. LOBO474 is returning to Cherry Point.

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C-40 Clipper (Boeing 737) CNV4421 leaving Coronado.


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Three C-40s (737s) in the air at the moment. One out of Andrews, one from Lajes and the third from Coronado.

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GRZLY50 is patrolling over Vandenberg AFB.