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Planefag reports

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I have another Navy C-40 Clipper (Boeing 737) in the air. CNV4202 from Jacksonville, seems to be headed to Andrews. PAT857 is returning from Talahassee.

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The other C-40 (CNV4101) is headed for Lajes in the Azores.

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none. The last one was GRZLY50 in at Miramar last night. Quite the circuitous route

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PAT0086 landed at Los Alamitos.

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PAT0086 back in the air again - didn't stay long.

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The U2's based there that have been up lately as well . except the one that went to the Texas border-lost him well north of skunkworks and was still at 60k ft- I don't know where he originated from could have been 42 but this one was a spotty trace the entire time