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Coronavirus bill includes $350 million for migration, refugee



"The $2 trillion spending package to boost the economy in response to the coronavirus crisis includes a $350 million pot of money for “Migration and Refugee Assistance” — the latest item in the legislative behemoth that is angering critics.

While a number of items that Republicans objected to got trimmed in the final Senate bill, the Migrant and Refugee Assistance item actually increased by $50 million to $350 million. That’s more than the bill put forward by House Democrats earlier this week, which included $300 million in “Migrant and Refugee Assistance” for the State Department."


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thousands of Ukrainians swarm border to get back home ahead

of coronavirus lockdown

27 Mar, 2020 21:35 / Updated 38 minutes ago

"With Ukraine’s borders scheduled to slam shut to cope with the Covid-19 contagion, thousands of Ukrainians who had been working in Europe risked infection by crowding at crossings to get back into the country.

Endless lines of mostly men, many wearing face masks but some without, waited for hours at border crossings between Ukraine and Poland on Friday, hours before the lockdown was to take effect. RT’s news agency Ruptly captured some of the footage in Lublin Voivodeship, on the Polish side of the crossing in Dorohusk."


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Coronavirus: OneWeb blames pandemic for collapse

39 minutes ago

"OneWeb, the high-profile London-based satellite start-up, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US.

The firm, which has been building a network to deliver broadband across the globe, blamed the Covid-19 crisis for its inability to secure new investment.

OneWeb issued a statement saying it was laying off most of its staff while it seeks a buyer for the company.

The start-up recently launched the 74th satellite in a constellation planned to total at least 648 spacecraft.

The idea is that this network will provide high-bandwidth, low-latency internet connections to any point on Earth, bar Antarctica.

Rumours of a collapse had been swirling around OneWeb this past week. It had raised £2.6bn to implement its project but experts in the space industry speculated that double this sum would probably be needed to complete the system.

The statement released by OneWeb in the early hours of Saturday, London time, said the company had been close to obtaining financing but that, "the process did not progress because of the financial impact and market turbulence related to the spread of Covid-19"."


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Navy sailing into ‘choppy waters’ after virus strikes carrier

retired admiral warns

4 hours ago

"The Navy, the military service hit hardest by the coronavirus, scrambled to contain its first at-sea outbreak, with at least two dozen infected aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, one of 11 active aircraft carriers whose mission is central to the Pentagon's strategy for deterring war with China and Iran.

The Roosevelt and its contingent of warplanes may be sidelined for days, sitting pier side in Guam as the entire crew — more than 5,000 — is tested. Navy leaders say the carrier could return to duty at any time if required, but the sudden setback is seen as a harbinger of more trouble to come.

“The Navy is headed into choppy waters in terms of readiness in the months ahead,” says retired Adm. James Stavridis, a former ship commander who rose to become NATO's top commander in Europe.

In Asia, a carrier presence is central to what the Pentagon has identified as a fundamental shift from fighting insurgent and extremist conflicts in the Middle East to a return to “great power competition." That means, principally, a bigger focus on China, including its militarization of disputed areas of the South China Sea."

moar at link:


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What we know about coronavirus' long-term effects

Other respiratory disease can teach us about the lingering

effects of COVID-19.

March 28, 2020, 5:01 AM

"In the months since the novel coronavirus exploded into a pandemic, we have heard a range of stories about those who have been stricken by the disease – the vast majority with mild symptoms, but an increasing number needing to be hospitalized.

But what about those who were reported to have recovered from the illness, which has no inoculation or cure?

While the telltale symptoms of coronavirus, including fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, have been well-publicized, there's been less information about the long-term health of people who contract COVID-19 and recover.

In part, that's because the virus is new. The first cases emerged in Wuhan, China, in December, so even the very first people who contracted COVID-19 and recovered are less than six months out from when they were initially infected."


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Coronavirus updates: US infections pass 100,000; $2 trillion stimulus passes; all Disney parks stay closed

USA TODAY 5:29 am 3 28 2020

President Donald Trump signed the historic stimulus package into law, U.S. infections roared past 100,000, and Disney parks throughout the nation will be closed indefinitely as the coronavirus plants itself even deeper into the American landscape.

Among the hardest-hit states is New York, at the forefront of the nation's death count with nearly 400. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced schools will be closed until April 15 and said hospitals will soon have an overwhelming need for respirators.

Droves of New Yorkers have been leaving the state - only to find their neighboring communities are not always welcoming. Rhode Island State Police on Friday began pulling over drivers with New York plates so that National Guard officials can collect contact information and inform them of a mandatory, 14-day quarantine for anyone who visited or lives in New York state.

The road home for other Americans got a little easier this week as nearly 300 U.S. citizens stranded in Central America have returned to the U.S. aboard jets used by U.S. immigration authorities that are normally used in deportations.

The U.S. counted more than 105,000 cases of coronavirus early Saturday, with at least 1,700 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University data dashboard. More confirmations are expected as the U.S. ramps up testing.

More than 600,000 people are known to have been infected globally, and roughly 27,000 have died.

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just in case anyanon was wondering

todays 4 am talking points are coming fast and furiously

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