(We) Are The News

Make it easier on the bakers

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(Not directed at any one anon)


This is a decode of blah


Describe your post/or pic, doesn't have to be great detail, something that explains at a glance.


Any relevant url (web link) or documents.

Call out for anons to check it

Anons check this please

It is not the bakers job to make your post great, informative, and easy to understand.

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Anon knows how to notable.

Anon is all wrung-out from stress & decoding. Anon will be silent now.


"We are the News": Eight tips for better notable posts

1. Remember journalism's five "W"s: Who, What, When, Where, Why/hoW.

These are reporting basics. For us, DATES are critical; always include.

2. "Use your words" (not just images) for Q proofs, etc.

If you can't describe it, how is baker supposed to?

Text is important. People searching for your info in qresear.ch can only search on text.

3. Use RED TEXT & bold to call out notables.

This REALLY helps bakers locate notables & avoid eye strain.

Always spell out the word 'notable'. This is critical to help the anons who use the Bakertools javascript; they can just navigate right through the notables IF the word is spelled correctly.

4. Include article and video TITLES, not just links.

Sauce on vids is usually sparse; try to include a date plus a short abstract.

5. For tweets, copypasta the text too, so the info gets into qresear.ch

Qresear.ch is a great resource, but it's 100% text.


Shills post old but jazzy news on purpose, then say 'clown baker' if notabled. Defeat this with dates.

7. If post is part of an ongoing dig, say the DIG name so it's gets notabled.

Don't assume the baker knows. An individual baker is not here 24/7 and they may not know.

8. Only got JPEGS on your Apple phone? Then use text instead (links, title, date).

9. Go to step 1. Wash, rinse, repeat!