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NYPD is Raiding Sleeping Truckers Hauling Supplies During Outbreak, Impounding Cargo

Brooklyn, NY — As doctors, nurses, and other medical staff bravely battle the coronavirus on the front lines, there are other industries out there who are providing extremely vital services, but get overlooked. In a time in which grocery store shelves are being emptied at furious rates, truck drivers are tirelessly carrying tons of supplies from coast to coast to make sure society does not break down during this crisis. The supplies range from food to medical supplies that are invaluable during these times. One would think that these brave men and women behind the big wheels would be given leeway by law enforcement during this outbreak. However, as the following case illustrates, one would be wrong.

In many places, these truck drivers are actually greeted with kindness and thanked for their service. In Eufaula, Alabama, the police department announced they wanted to help the hungry truck drivers, AL.com reported.

“To that end, if you are a truck driver, and need to take time off the road in Eufaula, we will assist you in getting food,” the Eufaula Police Department posted on their official Facebook page. “With more and more restaurants limiting their dining room access, it is becoming harder for our truck driving friends to find places to eat. We will either go get something for you, or give you a ride to the nearest drive through (if you don’t mind riding in the back seat).”

“We are working non-stop, but it’s to make sure people get what they need,” says Ronda Aucoin, a truck driver from Kentucky.

Aucoin told KRNV that people have been kind of enough to bring her a warm meal when she and her daughter post-up at truck stops across the country.

“Nevadans have been especially nice since a few places are closed and not allowing us to stay the night when we’re done working,” says Aucoin.

But these cases are in Nevada and Alabama. In New York, the same brave men and women hauling crucial supplies during this crisis are being preyed on by police. Instead of bringing them warm food and salutations, officers from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct brought them extortion and theft.

Because many rest stops are closed across the country, Truckers have been forced to stop on the side of the road to sleep while hauling these supplies. Instead of realizing this, NYPD cops raided the sleeping truckers, issued them fines and impounded their vehicles — for sleeping on the side of the road.

Completely oblivious to the heinous nature of preying on people trying to keep the nation from falling into chaos, the officers who conducted the raid took to Twitter to brag about it.

“Our traffic safety officer was out on Bay pkwy towing these illegally parked trailers,” the NYPD 66th Precinct tweeted on Monday morning. “Please remember commercial vehicles cannot be parked on residential blocks.”