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According to the ITNJ. org , (Int'l Inquiry into child sex slavery) the experts say aprox. 8 MILLION to 10 MILLION children Per Year are in the global child sex trafficking industry.

It's more lucrative than illegal drugs and illegal arms sales Combined. because drugs you can only sell it once, while a child can be sold many times a day. 7 days a week, until each child is literally raped to death. (on average child sex slaves lives for 2 years)

Much attention is given to the elite an pedophilia, but big money is made in selling kids for "regular" not-rich non-celebrity pedos.

It is a MASSIVE and secret problem because the public thinks it's just a bunch of glamorous super rich celebrities who rape kids regularly.

Meanwhile, "regular people" pedos who rape kids walk among us in every neighborhood.

Think: how many pedos are being supplied by 8-10 Million children Per Year.

(This number does not include kids raped in their homes by relatives, teachers, clergy, sports coaches, parent's friends)

ITNJ is seating the first truly independent Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.