'236 members of the New York City Police Department have coronavirus'

Hundreds of New York City police force members have tested positive for the coronavirus. The NYC Police Department reported Wednesday that 197 officers and 39 civilians working for the department have tested positive, while 3,200 police officers, or 9% of NYC police, are out sick, according to CNN. The coronavirus has hit New York harder than any other state. State health officials have confirmed more than 30,000 cases of the disease in the state by Wednesday afternoon. New Jersey, which has the second-highest tally of cases, has reported about 4,400.

New York has reported 285 deaths related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo put out a plea for help on Wednesday for other states to donate as much aid as they could spare to help the struggling New York health system. Dr. Craig Spencer, the director of global medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center, has been treating coronavirus patients in New York for weeks. Spencer warned Wednesday morning that New York was likely just the first state to experience strain on its medical system because of the coronavirus. "Everyone is doing everything they can to conserve supplies because we know we’re just at the beginning of this. And after New York will be New Jersey, will be New Mexico. This is going to be a marathon," he said. "We are not even at the beginning of this."