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Reminder: #Pizzagate is real

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My first thought was gratitude for hospital staff everywhere. My second was, of course she did. My third, I admit, was the pizzagate folks are going to go into overdrive to fit this into their conspiracy theory. And, I love my mom



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anons, share some ammo for twatterfags please.

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James Alefantis, an owner of a small pizza place is amongst the most powerful people in Washington.

#carisjames = Caribean Island Little St James = Epstein´s Lolita Island


James Alefantis is an American chef and restaurateur. He founded and owns two restaurants in Washington, D.C., including the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong, and American restaurant Buck's Fishing & Camping. He is also the president of the art gallery Transformer in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.. In 2012, GQ named him one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C.[1]

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Google for "Podesta Art".

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