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NC records lost in fire

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Do you remember the records that were uncovered in NC sometime in the past decade?

They were then suddenly burned in an "accidental" fire in whatever they were housed in (I forget if it was a library, police office, court house, or what)

I can't find anything about it googling or duckducking or anything, but my spidey sense says it's related to this. Payseur was in NC, discovered records were from around the same era (19th//20th century)

The fire had me suspicious, at the time I thought it was related to slaves and their claims they'd have post civil war but in light of recent information I'm inclined to think maybe there was something related to Payseur that they didn't want coming to light?

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I’m a NC native. I believe the Chatham County Courthouse burned down a few years ago.

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