Not sure if any anons here pay any attention to “Pirate”, who posts pics of sailing ships with messages in the pictures’ descriptions. Many anons consider Pirate a “Helper Anon”, who may be dropping crumbs in support of habbenings.

Wanted to make some observations on the flag/pennant placement on a recent ship pic. See pic. The US flag at the rear of the ship is in its proper place. The other two flags are significant though. Of note, as I understand it, under maritime rules, normally, a ship may NOT fly under 2 different States’ flags but only under the State it is registered in.

The sailing ship shown does have 2 States shown(apparently), under California and Washington.

This should not be allowed, BUT, the California flag is placed in a position one would fly that State flag when a ship is entering that State’s waters. Fine. But it is the flag to the rear of it that APPEARS to be a Washinton flag but may be, DUE TO ITS POSITION AND SHAPE, what is called the Owner’s Private Signal which is GENERALLY SWALLOW-TAILED, but may be square or penant-shaped. It is usually flown, on ships with more than one mast, from the aftermost mast on ships with more than one mast. Also, doesn’t it look like the Owner’s Private Signal is coincidentally captured looking like it is swallow-tailed(or image doctored?) to look swallow-tailed?

This might get around the maritime rule of not flying under 2 State flags at once and MAY BE A CLUE to the “captain’s” origin.

The California flag is being flown as a “Courtesy” flag showing that the ship is heading into California waters. But WHO is from the State of Washington? One of our prosecutors?

Want QRB to know I tried to post this here 1st but the post hung at “100% posting”. I posted it on QR. It was notabled no one answered my question. Is there a US attorney from Washington(State) that is going to confront California? Like sanctuary cities or something?