''Have seen partial versions of this stmt (just the tail end) but it's worth listening to the whole thing. This SB2 vid also includes a nice graphic summarizing the stmt and showing Rudy's past successes with RICO prosecutions (attached).

Giuliani's New Years Eve Statement on the Dems

* It's a big phony act; Dem city: Dems have done nothing but steal

* Dem party needs to go through a revision

* Corruption in Ukraine is vast

- highly involves Dems for many years

- one reason for impeachment: because of this corruption

- a lot of American participated; should be called American-Ukrainian

- Bidens took million of dollars out (press protects them)

- won't tell you what i found out until i have the proper forum "but it's devastating"

- this is expanding, involving a series of criminal acts involving highest levels of Obama admin

- why the Dems are in a panic

- "what they did to the Ukraine...[looks down and shakes his head]...is embarassing--[gets cuts off by press]

* He would be happy to testify in impeachment trial--or better yet, try the case if they'd let him

* Would prosecute as a racketeering case

full SB2 vid:

AWK News 1.2.20: The Anti-Benghazi. [DS] novices no match for @realDonaldTrump

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOXKp2g9QYg (~28mins in)