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Ice_T & Ted Nugent tweets

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Rapper Ice-T ‘innocently’ tweets image with QAnon reference, sparks intense war on Twitter

January 1, 2020 | Frieda Powers

Rap music star and actor Ice T became the target of liberal outrage after inadvertently sharing an image related to a “conspiracy theory.”

The 61-year-old musician and record-producer fired back at social media critics who attacked him for tweeting a quote on Monday that bore an image with a fiery Q letter, apparently a reference to QAnon which alleges schemes involving Democrats and liberals.

The rapper, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, asserted that he “just liked the quote” after liberals unloaded on him for posting the image.

“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself,” the quote he tweeted read and was accompanied with a caption in which he wrote: “Daily Game: Let the Haters dig their own graves….. #2020.”

The tweet was apparently deleted though Ice T claimed ignorance about the so-called conspiracy of an alleged secret plot by the “deep state” against President Trump and his supporters.....

First Q hit piece of 2020



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hmm, President Trump retweets qanon accounts, then ice t, then jjd speaks out against q and qanons and now ted nugent has weighed in. anyone else seeing a pattern?

i had thought official confirmation of q would come after the election but now i'm thinking it'll be before that to give the new eyes on enough time to understand how deep and widespread the crime net/swamp goes so they can wield a more informed vote come november. and after that, i'm thinking, is when the gloves come off and justice is served in full force and in public view (as much as it can be without destroying society).

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you're right. apologies. link and pic attached.