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Clock started and planned to end in 2020?

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Ok a little dig

Clock started and planned to end in 2020?

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Translation....Q+ will run in 2020?

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This one is interesting....

Blind is before 5:5, or 2020

So maybe double meaning in posts with year and visibility

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New eyes likely to have 2020 vision

17 months from June 20, 2018 almost 2020

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20/20 eyes?

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Corn harvested in 2020?

This is last one, hopefully I didn't shit things up.

Click to try to play this video on Invidio.us, if it still exists on YouTube!

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Also, take notice POTUS' New Year's News conference.

He brings up China and Phase 2 just before 8 minutes into vid.

Somewhere around January 15th...he's seems to be debating between Phase 2 or Phase 3...and he seems to have concluded on Phase 2.

Please refer to Q posts concerning the use of the word Phase.

It seems that Phase 2 has to do with @Jack becoming nervous.

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Phase I, II, and III.

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I shouldn't forget this one.

Q points out Phase 2 marker as it relates to North Korea, and NK was asked about during the News conference ( @ 1:30 in vid).

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Also consider that in 1:45 of vid that POTUS is asking/hoping for a "Beautiful Vase" as a Christmas Present.