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Jessie Jane Duff Dig

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the following isn't q research but is q related. don't have a twitter account so will add here for any who saw last night's q-disparaging tweet by jessie jane duff who apparently works on President Trump's re-election campaign (pic 1 related)


so, duff is a member of the john carroll society (pic 2 related):

"Jessie works as an independent consultant in defense and private industry. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and is a member of Disabled American Veterans, The John Carroll Society, Women in Defense, and Women Marines Association."


the john carroll society is a catholic layperson society (pic 3 related)

judge john roberts wife sits on the board

"The current president is Elizabeth B. Meers (2013–2015), a partner with the law firm of Hogan Lovells in Washington, DC. Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Chief Justice John Roberts, is a member of the board of directors."


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Anon did a little dig on Duff last night--she's not on the list of top employees. >>>/qresearch/7671332

Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign


Just wanted to take a quick look to see if Duff appears on the rooster for the campaign..She is not listed here. SEE CAP.


The whole Duff situation led to some interesting discussions late last night in QR. As many anons have previously observed, Q movement can be looked at in terms of our work

(a) following Q and following up on Q drop

(b) partnering with other anons to do research on DS

Most of us agree that--whatever happens with 'asking the question'--Q movement is now something permanent that will continue onward no matter happens.

That may be the most important gift Q could give us.

One key q is whether Duff is even someone of genuine influence (or whether she is just posing as such).

Got those pics you mentioned??

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List of Trump campaign top employees

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thanks for the info. i don't even bother with qr right now, shill city.

i had attached the screenshots to my previous post but they don't appear to have uploaded. i'll try again with this post.

as for dunn, i don't really care myself what she had to say. number one, i assume the deep state would have tried and maybe succeeded in getting some of their people onto President Trump's campaign team (if she is what she claims). number 2, q said they were a team of fewer than 10, and while some others may have been read into parts of the plan when necessary, duff likely isn't one of them. number three, maybe she's just following instructions of someone who does know the plan. isn't one of the art of war precepts to confuse the enemy?