FOIA Documents Reveal The Fort Knox Gold Mystery: DIGG ANONS

Discussion of gold starts at ~10:10 mins.

Q: "Gold will destroy the Fed."

Where is it? In Ft Knox?

Jan Nieuwenhuijs has been investigating for years. ~12 mins.

Finally obtained some FOIA docs.

His work is described in the article below and notabled in #9645--article is (haha) a goldmine of info:

Take home: Although the gold has been audited, it was supposed to have been sealed for good so it didn't need to be re-audited. But using FOIA docs, Nieuwenhuijs found the seals were broken after the audit--which means the gold isn't necessarily there. When Dept of Treasury's Inspector General, Eric Thorson, testified to Congress about the auditing process, he carefully avoided mentioned anything about seals being broken.

So we don't know the status of the gold.

ANONS DIG on IG of the Treasury Eric Thorson & the Dept of the IG

(here is the testimony--check this out here to make sure the above account is accurate:)