So what's happening with the YV movement these days? Looks like they've joined forces with the labor union movement in a general strike starting Dec 5–and causing a drop of almost 50% in Christmas sales as of last week.

French Unions and Yellow Vests Converge, Launch General Strike


On the eve of an “unlimited” (open-ended) General Strike called for Dec. 5, more and more unions and protest groups are pledging join it.

Two things are unusual about this strike. The first is that it is open-ended, rather than the usual one-day of ritualistic protest marches, and may be prolonged from day to day by workers’ assemblies. The second is that the Yellow Vests, the self-organized, horizontal, social movement that sprung up spontaneously just over a year ago and is still popular despite severe repression, have decided to converge with the strike, and that the CGT’s Martinez, who had originally spurned the Yellow Vests, immediately welcomed them, making for a heady mix. For the union leaders, who try to control their followers tightly, the Yellow Vests are like a loose canon on the deck of a ship. Who knows what may result?

French Strike Is Worse Than Yellow Vests for Holiday Retail

By Robert Williams


In Paris, where public transit workers have been on a walkout since Dec. 5, members including electronics retailer Fnac Darty SA and Inditex SA’s Zara brand reported an average drop in sales of 25% to 30% for the second week of December.

The decline, compiled by specialty retail federation Procos, follows a weak performance a year earlier, when weekend demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron shut down the city’s most popular shopping districts. Compared with the more typical figures from 2017, sales last week were 40% to 45% lower.