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Sara Carter, John Solomon & Brett Tolman weigh in on FISA Court abuse

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Hannity, Tammy Bruce hosting

~10mins after the hour


In response to Trump: "Evil people" committed FISA abuse:

Sara Carter, John Solomon, Fmr US Atty Brett Tolman

Tammy Bruce: Main FISA judge (Collyer) knew 2 yrs ago [from Nunes letter] that there was FISA abuse. "She & the Court is behaving as though all of this is brand-new and it's shocking."

Sara C: "The FISA court MUST have known this. If there is something that went wrong here, it went wrong in the FISA Court"...[refers to POTUS' stmt demonstrating the need to "clean house"...and later, referring to change in text by Atty Kevin K] "Kleinsmith stomped all over Carter Page's rights."

TB: Scary that we've got individuals "who can do as they please." Collyer limited the review, "as though it's just about procedures."

John S: [Been covering for 2 decades--talks about how 'new procedures' haven't helped]: 51 known false statements submitted.

"The temptation to do this again will be greater if the Court, if AG Barr doesn't do something far more drastic."

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>>40437 FISA ABUSE, con't.

TB: It's now out in the open, "they haven't been able to hide it."

Brett T: "Never underestimate the ability of those...who lead a bureaucracy to point the finger at someone else."